The Benefits of Safe House Washing Services

When you are looking for a way to clean the exterior of your home, there are plenty of options available. But d id you know that some of these methods can actually damage your home’s exterior, causing the need for costly and time consuming repairs? Pressure washing is often considered a simple method for cleaning the outside of your home. So much so, that it may be tempting to consider renting, or even buying a pressure washer from your local hardware store. However, without considering the material the outside of your home is covered with, you could end up doing more harm than good.

There are two main types of pressure washing; high pressure wash and low pressure wash. At M & D Power Washing, we won’t simply blast your home with high pressure. We know that the extreme force of a high pressure wash has the potential to damage the exterior of your home, causing shingles or vinyl siding to split or even come off of the house itself. Our low pressure wash will ensure that the exterior of your home is cleaned safely, without the potential for damage that a high pressure wash can bring. This technique, combined with our special cleaners, will efficiently remove all dirt, algae, mold, and mildew from your home’s exterior, leaving it sparkling clean and sanitized.

It is also important to consider the plant life and vegetation located near your home when cleaning it’s exterior. Some detergents can damage, or even kill plant life. At M & D Pressure Washing, we ensure that your plants will be safe by rinsing them before and during the cleaning process.

Why put the beauty of your home at risk when we can offer a safer alternative at a reasonable price? Call M & D Power Washing today. We know how to get the job done right!

Do Parks & Playgrounds Need Sanitation Services?

This question has a short answer: Yes!

Parks and playgrounds are subject to the same types of biological agents that can set up shop on roofs or exterior building surfaces. Over time, mold, mildew, lichen, fungi, and bacteria can set up shop on playground equipment, sidewalks, benches, picnic tables, and any outside structure. These locations can be a perfect growing ground for harmful organics that pose a threat to those who use the location, especially children. Luckily, regular maintenance in the form of sanitization & cleaning can help keep your favorite playground or park safe from these disease causing organisms.

M&D Power Washing is proud to offer sanitizing service for exterior recreation areas. Wood, metal, concrete, asphalt, plastics – we’ve got all surfaces covered. We care greatly about our clients and the locations they trust us to clean. That’s why we use a safe biodegradable process to remove these harmful elements without damaging any structures or causing danger to your local environment or animals. Our professional services leave everything as it was before, only better!

In addition to making parks and playgrounds safer for personal or family outings, a cleaning makes the surfaces look like new. Your local playground and/or park can be a place you can take pride in again. Contact us today to learn more about service and what M&D Power Washing can do for you.

How Clean is the Exterior of Your Home?

Exterior home cleaning/washing often takes a backseat to lawn, landscaping, paint, and even decorations when it comes to homeowners presenting their property to neighbors and the public. However, regular exterior house cleaning is also a necessary part of homeowner maintenance. Neglect to your home’s brick, siding, and veneers can lead to major and expensive problems down the road. Your home is under constant attacks from weathering elements biological invaders.

Regular cleanings can provide your house with multiple benefits. In addition to making your house look like it is brand new, washing can prevent the need for premature restoration and save the owner significant money. It is also critical to use a cleaner who has a track record for professional work and quality cleanings. Amateur cleaners can do a poor job (requiring a follow up cleaning) or even do damage to your home that would necessitate expensive repair.

What do you need to know about exterior cleaning of your home or building from M&D Power Washing?

  • We use a low pressure process that is safe for your house’s exterior material. Wood, aluminum, brick, vinyl, masonite, stone, et al – we have got you covered with a safe and efficient cleaning process.
  • Our process is tailored to tackle dirt, grime, and organic attackers like algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and more. We do not only clean these elements, we will eliminate them!
  • When we clean your home, we make it look new and disinfect the surface to help keep repeat issues from soon occurring.

We offer superior service, quality work, and an attention to detail that will meet your house washing needs. Contact us today with any questions you have about our services or to receive a free quote. Find out what M&D Power Washing can do for your home’s appearance!

Algae before house siding Pressure wash After House wash pressure washing

See Us in Action!

Play the video to see a sample of how our roof cleaning process works. In addition to removing dirt, grime, and stains on roofs, we feature a proven method for removing algae, mold, lichen, and mildew from your shakes, shingles, or tiles. Years of growth and neglect are removed in a single cleaning! Roof cleanings should be normal aspect of home ownership, saving expensive replacement costs in the long run.

In most cases, we do not need to get on the roof. We use a ladder, a wand, and cleaners that are approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association in our no pressure process that both keeps your roof safe/durable while making it look brand new. (Please note that pressure washing a roof can lead to needs for expensive repair or even premature replacement). Our process is also safe for your landscaping. The solution is biodegradable, so it won’t kill your bushes or trees as it runs off into your gutters.

We are a member of the Exterior Cleaning Contractors and Professional Roof Cleaners Association. All of our roof cleanings come with a three year warranty. If you know that you need your roof cleaned or are just interested in learning more and/or receiving a free estimate, please contact us for more information.

How to Improve Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home

Realtors will tell you that one of the best ways to quickly sell your home is to increase its curb appeal. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the first appearance of your home to a potential home buyer can make all the difference. In addition to maintaining the landscaping, your realtor will advise you to keep the exterior of your home looking fresh and clean. Often, homeowners will think this means they need to either repaint or replace their home’s exterior. However, less expensive options may be available.

Regardless of the roofing material on your home, black streaks and other discoloration do not always mean damage or replacement. These unsightly discolorations are evidence of a buildup of organic material, such as mold, mildew, and fungi. By hiring a professional exterior cleaner, you can have the roof cleaned of this organic material and restore your roof to a like new appearance. Not only will your roof appear younger than it really is, the absence of organic material will extend its lifespan. This is much less expensive than a partial or total roof replacement, and will increase your home’s appeal. The same applies to the rest of your home’s exterior. Organic material can colonize and grow on any building material, from brick to vinyl, leaning black and green streaks and discoloration. A simple cleaning by an exterior cleaning professional will greatly improve your home’s appearance.

It is best to always hire a professional for your exterior cleaning needs. A professional exterior cleaner has the experience and the knowledge to use the best cleaning agent and method for your home’s specific needs. They will be able to properly clean the exterior of your home without the risk of unnecessary damage. Often a homeowner will try to clean the exterior himself and accidentally cause damage. This is usually because the wrong kind of cleaning method and/or agent was used. A professional exterior cleaner understands what levels of pressure or non pressure to use, as well as the proper cleaning agent to use so as not to damage your property.

To increase their curb appeal, most homeowners will spend a thousands of dollars repainting and replacing the exterior of their home. However, unless there is significant damage to the exterior of your home, a less expensive cleaning may be all it takes to make it look fresh and new to potential buyers.

Why To Use a Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Process

When you want to remove dirt, mold, mildew, fungi, etc from your roof, you have the choice of using either a pressure washer or a non pressure process (also known as a soft wash). Before choosing which method to use, you should do your research on what each process involves. You will find that the non pressure process is far more safe and effective to use than a pressure washer.

It takes great care and skill to use a pressure washer without the risk of damaging your property. All a pressure washer does is force water onto and into the material being cleaned. This can easily damage your roof. Most of the time, the pressure washer will force water between the shingles, into any tiny cracks or damaged spots in the shingles, and can even blast off the top layer of wood and asphalt shingles. This can lead to significant damage to the roof tiles and shingles, as well as the protective layer directly underneath. Once this happens, you can expect leaks to occur, and you will have no other choice than to replace your roof. In addition, a pressure washer isn’t actually cleaning your roof. Essentially, water is sprayed on the roof at a high pressure to basically break up the gunky build up and blast it off the roof shingle or tile. While this appears to be effective at first, the mold and fungi are going to reappear sooner than you would like. This is because the power washer only removes the top layer of build up; it does nothing to help prevent mold and fungi from immediately moving back in.

With the non pressure process, the risk of damage is completely removed. First, a cleaning solution is applied to your roof. This cleaning solution depends on the roofing material and the type of organic build up that is to be removed, but it is usually contains some form of a fungicide or mildewcide that penetrates deep into the shingles and tiles to effectively kill all the spores. After the solution is allowed to sit and penetrate, it is simply rinsed off your roof, taking any dead mold, moss, algae, and fungus with it. This cleaning method uses nothing more than a garden hose pressure (about 30 psi), which is not enough pressure to cause property damage. There is no risk of the water seeping into unwanted areas and causing leaks or stripping or damaging the tiles and shingles in any way. This allows you to effectively clean your roof without the unnecessary risk of roof damage, or having organic material quickly move back in.

Roof Cleaning vs Roof Replacement

At some point, all roof materials will have to replaced. This means a total roof replacement that can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars. However, with simple routine roof maintenance the homeowner can easily expand the lifespan of their roof and delay a total replacement. Most maintenance can be done by either the homeowner or a roof cleaning professional for a fraction of a total replacement cost.

Most roof damage and failure will occur in the valleys and excessively shaded areas. Roofs are designed to dry quickly. If this is not allowed to happen, organic materials, such as moss, mold, algae, lichen, and fungi can move in and colonize that area of the roof. This organic material further prevents the roof from completely drying, causing the shingles to crack and decay, eventually leading to roof leaks. There are several ways to prevent this from occurring:

  1. Trim and remove all overhanging branches that shade parts of the roof, or have trees removed that cause excessive shade on the roof. Since these shaded areas do not receive sunlight, it will take these areas longer to dry after a rain storm, inviting organic material to move in.
  2. Keep the roof, especially the valleys, free of all debris. Do not allow leaves, branches, and other debris to collect on the roof. Like shade, the debris prevents the roof from drying properly.
  3. Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis. Overtime, this debris will back up and cause damage to the edges of roof. This debris will eventually allow for organic material to inhabit the shingles on the roof edges, damaging the shingles and causing leak
  4. Hire a professional roof cleaner. Because walking on a wet roof is dangerous, and a power washer can easily damage your roof, this task is best left to the professionals. If your roof is starting to show discoloration or black streaks, it is a sign that organic material has already moved in. These streaks and discoloration aren’t simply dirt. They are evidence of fungi and mold moving in and starting to eat away at your shingles. However, this material can easily be removed with a proper roof cleaning by a trained professional. Just because there is evidence of harmful organic material on your roof, does not mean that the roof needs to be replaced. Most of the time a simple cleaning is all it needs.

By routinely keeping your roof maintained, you can easily extend the lifespan of your roof. When properly maintained, your roof can last decades and prevent the costly upfront expense of a total roof replacement.

Pressure washing | Fort Wayne, Indiana | 1 year warranty


Pressure washing services come with our one year guarantee for house washes:


Here at M&D Power washing we have always offered our customers with a one year warranty on all house washes.  The reason we can do this is because we know that not all pressure washing and power washing applications are the same.  We offer professional cleaners that we do not buy in the big box stores, all of our solutions are bio degradable and are professionally made.  We attack the algae, mold and mildew at the source by eliminating the spores that are growing.  For gutters and downspouts we have a cleaner that will remove those ugly dark stains that you see on the surface.  The dark stains you see on aluminum gutters is a form of algae that is trapped inside the oxidation of the paint.  Our gutter brightening solution will safely remove these stains and make the gutters and downspouts look new again.  For the exterior windows we add a soap that helps with water spotting.  This solution helps with the iron that is in the water and after we brush the glass and rinse you can tell a huge difference.  What truly makes us stand out from the competition is that we do not use high pressure to wash your home.  We use a soft wash method by applying all cleaners on the surface with low pressure and allowing these cleaners to do the job.  Rinsing the surface using low pressure will leave your home looking great and at the same time safe.  You don’t have to worry about the siding blowing off or your widows being damaged because we are using low pressure.  Matter of fact it is so low we can put our hand in front of the flow of water.  We have been pressure washing and power washing homes, decks, concrete and fences for many years in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We are so confident with our work that we offer a one year warranty with all of our house washes.  If you look at our reviews on our site customers have told us that their home still looks good after 3 years!  We use more than just water and pressure to clean your home and deck because water alone will not truly remove the algae, mold and mildew spores that are growing on the surface.

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Roof cleaning services Fort Wayne, Indiana



Cleaning and maintaining your roof:


Those dark ugly roof stains that you see really are damaging your roof.  Today many people have no idea what those stains are that they see on the roof.  To keep it simple here is a brief description on why your roof has dark stains.  If you live in a humid climate you already have stains on your roof, and if you don’t see it yet guess what you will soon.  Humidity promotes moisture and dampness and roof stains typically always grow on the north side of your home.  The reason being is because the north side receives less sunlight so when the roof stays damp from the humid climate it cannot dry out.  As time goes on algae, mold and mildew start to grow on the surface and then they feed off of the limestone that is in the shingles.  Algae, mold and mildew will continue to thrive and grow because now it has a damp climate to live in and limestone for food.  All asphalt shingles have granules on the surface that protect the shingles from the rain and the sun.  Under the shingles you have roofing felt which is the main protection that keeps water from going into the plywood and into your home.  The algae will eat at the shingles removing the granules and start to break down the shingles.  The longer the roof stays damp and moist along with the algae growing and thriving your shingles just don’t stand a chance.  Just like a wood deck that is not cleaned and protected the wood starts to rot because it is damp and algae, mold and mildew eat away at the surface.

Picture below shows what algae can do to your roof.

Roof algae damage


Roof replacement can be very expensive:

Many home owners think that the stains they see on their roof are just a form of dirt and why clean it now when they can replace one day.  The average shingle roof can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years if it is properly maintained, and a new roof today can cost you $8,000 to $12,000 dollars.    Shingles are made from petroleum and with the rising cost of oil, asphalt shingles will continue to get more expensive in price.  So a 25 to 30 year shingle roof that is not cleaned will end up on average lasting about 5 to 7 years less.

Cleaning your shingle roof:

Cleaning and maintaining your shingle roof should not be cleaned with a pressure washer or any type of pressure.  House hold cleaners will not do the trick nor will anything from the big box stores.  All shingle manufacturers recommend that the algae, mold and mildew must be eliminated along with the spores.  We use a proprietary blend of cleaners that are approved and these cleaners are sprayed onto the surface and rinsed with a garden hose.  All dark stains are removed that day and all algae growth will be eliminated.  We offer a 3 year warranty for all of our roof cleanings.

Picture below shows the damage caused by a pressure washer.

Never use a power washer to clean your roof


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Spring cleaning | House washing | Fort Wayne, Indiana



After a harsh winter it’s time to start cleaning!

We all know that this has been a harsh winter and mother nature was surely not playing around.  Fort Wayne, Indiana has seen its fair share of snow, ice and bitterly cold winds.  Now that spring is here its time to start cleaning things up around the home and getting the flowers planted and lawn fertilized.  After all of the snow and ice we now have our concrete drives looking bad and that deck out back is looking rough and could use a good cleaning.  The exterior of the house could use a good cleaning as well from the windows to the siding and roof.  If you didn’t have your home washed the previous year chances are all of that green algae, mold and mildew is worse looking now and it will spread as soon as the warm sun hits it.  Algae thrives in warm and humid climates and coming into spring with plenty of rain and melted snow the algae will continue to get worse on your home.  When it comes to your roof this must be cleaned also because algae, mold and mildew primarily grow on the north side of your home.  The sun shines less on the north side and this algae as we had mentioned previously thrives in humid climates.  If you don’t have the algae treated and cleaned properly by a professional it will start to eat away at the shingles and start to remove the protective granule stones on the surface.  Now that we have in mind what needs cleaned, let’s get into the conversation of how we clean all of these items effectively and safe using no high pressure from a pressure washing machine.

Here at M&D we use what is called a soft wash process.  With this process we use professional, bio degradable cleaners that are safe and work great at removing algae, mold and mildew.  Our cleaners and equipment are not bought in the big box stores.  We also never use high pressure to wash your home because high pressure will only damage the surface.  Once our cleaning agents are applied on the surface of your home they will brighten gutters, remove algae and make your window surfaces shine.  We have special modified cleaning tips that apply the cleaners and also rinse them off at very low pressure.  The pressure is so low we can put our hands in front of it and this ensures no damage.  We are ready to meet all of your pressure washing and roof cleaning needs in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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