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Why should I have my roof cleaned? (Besides the fact that it looks bad)

The black streaks and algae you see are eating away at the roofing material. As time goes on it causes premature aging and rotting! The longer your roof has this growing on it, the sooner you will have to replace it costing you thousands of dollars for a new roof.

I am trying to sell my home should I have the roof cleaned?

We have many realtors contacting us about our roof cleaning.  First impression is everything, so when home buyers approach a home with a dirty roof they think it always needs replaced when that is not the case.  Having a clean home will always benefit you in the long run.

Roof Stains Before ImageRoof Stain Removal

Some contractors use light pressure washing to clean a roof, is this safe?

You should never use a pressure washer to clean a roof.  Some contractors that don’t know how to clean a roof will tell you it’s ok so that they can make a quick dollar.  Your warranty on your roof will void and the bacteria will grow right back. 

Why does my roof have black discoloration?

These “black streaks” are a form of cyano bacteria (algae.)  This bacteria thrives in humid climates.  It also feeds on the limestone filler being used on your shingles causing premature aging, rotting, and granule loss.  Each year the black agale will get worse and decrease the life of your shingles.  Shingle manufacturers recommend that it be removed and treated to fullfill the life of the shingles.

Safely cleaning your roof with our no pressure system!
We use a no pressure treatment that will safely remove the bacteria and stains.  We do not use a pressure washer or brushes on your roof this will damage it and void the warranty.  Our process is safe and it is approved by the Asphalt roofing manufacturers association (A.R.M.A).

Our products are professional and our work is professional.  Most of all it is approved by the shingle manufacturer! We carry full liability insurance go with the professionals M&D Power Washing LLC.

Warranty:  We will reclean your roof should the staining occur within the 3 year warranty!

Softwash process, low pressure enough to put your hand in the flow. We also rinse all landscaping.

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